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"...Michael Vitiello, and his father and Queen co-owner Pasquino Vitiello, are bringing their culinary skills across the Hudson.

Michael, a Morristown resident, and Pasquino, an Oradell resident, plan to open Ristorante MV, a contemporary Italian restaurant..."

Intersimone, J. (2021, February 18). NY Restaurateurs to Bring Italy to Bernardsville. Retrieved February 18, 2021, from

"Although the building has changed hands throughout the years — it’s been a horse stable, hotel, numerous restaurants and a comedy club — it’s maintained an old-world ambiance. The Vitiellos plan to accentuate that while also giving it a modern touch."

"His deep appreciation, understanding and enthusiasm for delivering authentic Italian cuisine, ambiance, and old-world charm are the driving forces behind his vision for Ristorante MV.

With renovations underway inside Bernardsville’s historic Old Stone Hotel, Michael and his father, Pasquino, are preparing to open doors in late February, early March."

NJ, B. (2021, February 05). 60 years of Italian Heritage, tradition, and Fare coming to downtown. Retrieved February 07, 2021, from

"Michael Vitiello, left, and Pasquino Vitiello, right. They are pictured with a photo of Queen's founder, Anthony Vitiello, who is Pasquino's father and Michael's grandfather. It was taken on the Queen's first night of service in 1958. The photo will also hang in Ristorante MV."

Lewis, A. (2021, February 04). Two Brooklyn restauranteurs are bringing a taste of Italy To Bernardsville. Retrieved February 07, 2021, from

"A third-generation restaurateur with a reputation for excellence in New York is preparing to move the family business to an historic building in Bernardsville. 


And he’s literally bringing along the stove and staff from the city – in addition to his dad."

ZAVALICKE, C. (Ed.). (2021, January 26). Popular Brooklyn restaurateurs moving to Bernardsville. Retrieved January 27, 2021, from

"When you sit at Ristorante MV, everyone is pulling at Michael. But everyone has a superpower, and his is he makes everybody feel like they’re the only person in the room when he’s talking to them," Fortunato said. "He remembers everybody’s name and he makes them all feel special. Everybody is fighting to get in there." 

Intersimone, J. (2021, May 18). 'The hot ticket in town': New Ristorante MV in Bernardsville booked out for two months.

"The first level dining room features stone walls, a high ceiling, gloss black chandeliers, a 14-foot olive tree, accents of imported Italian green velvet chairs and a huge mural of the rolling hills of Tuscany."

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